Economic Development for Riverton Wyoming

Serving Riverton and Fremont County since 1984

Dear business colleagues,

IDEA Inc's primary focus is to help primary industry types of businesses in Riverton grow and expand.  A primary type of business is one that brings money from outside the community into the community.  Examples are manufacturers, minerals producers, and agriculture.  These types of businesses generally do not compete with other businesses in the area.  In fact, many of these primary businesses are able to work together to better compete with the rest of the world.  If your business needs assistance, or if you are interested in relocating your business to Riverton please contact us.

Kevin Kershisnik

Executive Director

(307) 856-0952

IDEA Inc. has developed a project guide for businesses.  This guide explains the Wyoming Business Council (WBC) Business Ready Community Grant (BRC) program.  IDEA Inc. has used this program to fund the building of several manufacturing and business facilities in Fremont County.  This guide will explain how the program works, what is expected from the business and what the business can expect from IDEA Inc.

Basic Wyoming Facts

Here is some basic information about Wyoming - Just the facts.