Economic Development for Riverton Wyoming

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The Riverwalk Project



Rails to Trails – Through Riverton to Shoshoni

Riverton, though named after a River, has no community access to the River that runs through our city.  In 2007 IDEA Inc., the Depot Foundation and the City of Riverton came together to remedy that problem.  The Depot Foundation purchased 180 acres of riverfront property that had previously been a gravel pit.  The purchase was made with the intent to develop a large community park and a riverwalk system of trails.  Since the purchase the project is well on its way towards completion.  Multiple community organizations and individuals have come forward to take on and complete portions of the riverwalk park project.  The local Rotary club is building a fire pit with seating for over 100 people for outdoor and community events.  The local modelers club has developed an area for sailing boats.  There have been several Eagle Scout projects completed developing different parts of the park. The city of Riverton has provided labor, materials and equipment to secure the park and start developing the system of trails.  Many many more projects and activities are being worked on, planned and anticipated.  This park will be one of the premier riverwalk parks in the state once it is completed.

The Depot Foundation

The Depot Foundation is a 501(c) 3 organization working to assist various community organizations raise funds and complete community developement projects.  The Depot Foundation has assisted many community orgainzations such as the playground in the park, the Modelers park, Babe Ruth Baseball and many more by collecting tax free donatons and distributing the money for their various projects. 

The Depot Foundation is currently assisting the following community organizations:

  • The Riverwalk Project
  • The Wyoming Modelers Park
  • Riverton Area Babe Ruth Baseball
  • Riverton Tennis Club
  • Community Playground
  • Riverton Police Foundation
  • Wind River Disc Golf