IDEA Inc. 

Economic Development for Riverton, Wyoming

Serving Riverton and Fremont County WY since 1984

Welcome to the IDEA Inc. = Improve and Develop Economic Activity for Riverton Wyoming website

IDEA Inc. is dedicated to diversifying and expanding the Riverton and Fremont County economy by assisting existing and new businesses to grow and become more profitable.

IDEA Inc. is the official Economic Development entity for the city of Riverton, Wyoming.  IDEA has been serving Riverton since 1985 and in that time have helped to create or save hundresd of local jobs.  IDEA works closely with local businesses helping them to expand, grow and become more profitable.  IDEA has a very good working relationship with the Wyoming Business Council, Manufacturing-Works, Central Wyoming College, Wind River Job Corps, the City of Riverton, Wyoming Economic Development Association (WEDA), Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, and many others  

If your business needs assistance, is looking to grow, or wants to be better connected to the community please call us.





IDEA Inc. is the officially recognized and authorized Economic Development agency for Riverton Wyoming

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Riverton's Master Plan and Strategic Plan for Economic Development was updated and adopted August 2019.  IDEA's Strategic Priorities were updated in Q1 2022  
Economic Development Cycle - source WEDA